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Dec 2008
Volume 11, Number 4


Growth and Gibberellins Level of Two Rice Cultivars as Influenced by Different Nitrogen Containing Compounds
Soo-Won Jang, Muhammad Hamayun, Eun-Young Sohn, Sang-Mo Kang, Kwang-Il Choi, Dong-Hyun Shin, In-Jung Lee
P. 223-226
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Proteomic Analysis of Drought Stress-Responsive Proteins in Rice Endosperm Affecting Grain Quality
Roohi Mushtaq, Sanjay Katiyar, John Bennett
P. 227-232
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Mannose Based Selection With Phosphomannose-Isomerase (Pmi) Gene As A Positive Selectable Marker For Rice Genetic Transformation
Suprasanna Penna, Manjunatha Benakanare Ramaswamy, Bapat Vishvas. Anant.
P. 233-236
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Isolation and characterization of a Ds-tagged liguleless mutant in rice (Oryza sativa. L)
Byung-Ohg Ahn, Sang-Hye Ji, Doh-Won Yun, Hyeon-So Ji, Yong-Hwan Park, Sung-Han Park, Gi-Hwan Lee,
P. 237-242
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Identification of QTLs associated with Resistance to Riptortus clavatus Thunberg (Heteroptera: Alydidae) in Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.)
Wenxin Li, Kyujung Van, Da-Hao Zheng, Weixian Liu, Yeong-Ho Lee, Sue Yeon Lee, Joon-Ho Lee, Suk-Ha Lee
P. 243-248
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Effect of propionic acid in the germination of rice genotypes
Mauricio Marini Kopp, Viviane Kopp da Luz, Luciano Carlos da Maia, Rogério Oliveira de Sousa, Antonio Costa de
P. 249-256
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Interspecific Hybrids of Wild x Cultivated Triticum Crosses - A Study on the Cytological Behaviour and Molecular Relations
Kari Bhagyalakshmi, Kunnummal Kurungara Vinod, Mahadevan Kumar, Samudrakani Arumugachamy, Amala Joseph
P. 257-262
  [Abstract] [PDF]

Foreground and background selection of near isogenic lines for bacterial leaf pustule resistant gene in soybean
Kil Hyun Kim, Moon Young Kim, Kyujung Van, Jung-Kyung Moon, Dong Hyun Kim, Suk-Ha Lee
P. 263-268
  [Abstract] [PDF]

QTLs identification and confirmation for field resistance to blast in temperate japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Young-Chan Cho, Soon-Wook Kwon, Jung-Pil Suh, Jeong-Ju Kim, Jeom-Ho Lee, Jae-Hwan Roh, Myung-Kyu Oh,
P. 269-276
  [Abstract] [PDF]