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Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology (JCSB) is an open access international journal devoted to research, production, and management of field crops and resource plants. JCSB publish four issues in a yearly volume. Submitted manuscripts must be written in English. Papers on a wide range of sciences will be accepted as long as they are related to agricultural crops.

JCSB is owned and published by the Korean Society of Crop Science in collaboration with the Korean Society of Plant Breeding. Four issues of a yearly volume will be published March, June, September, and December in a printed and an electronic version.

JCSB publishes original research papers that are judged after peer editorial review. The JOURNAL also publishes a couple of reviews that are invited by editorial boards to show broad and in-depth interest in crop science. We recommend that paper is less than 10 printed pages even though there is no page limitation.

JCSB propose “Open Access” to the full text of research articles for the best interests of the scientific community. Basically, there is no charge for publication. However, we may ask some additional charge for English polishing based on communication between authors and editorial board.

As a condition of publication, all authors must transfer copyright to the Korean Society of Crop Science. Manuscripts prepared by multiple authors should be submitted based on approvals by all

All manuscripts will be critically reviewed by two or three reviewers who are well recognized in the research field. It is the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief, the Associate Editors, the Advisory Board, and the Editorial Board to determine their suitability for publication. After receipt of a manuscript through the electronic Manuscript Tracking System (MTS) at http://www.cropbio.org, it is sent to an Associate Editor who usually assigns it to a member of the Editorial Board. The Board member then makes a definitive recommendation for acceptance, revision, or rejection based on the scientific reviews from two reviewers. The main criteria for the acceptability of a manuscript are its originality, scientific and agronomical importance. If the reviewer does not recommend a manuscript for publication, the Associate Editor can reject it without further review or in certain cases, may seek a second opinion from another reviewer.